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Final meeting, Brussels (Sint-Genesius-Rode), November 2015

FlowAirS project ended on 30th November 2015. The final meeting was thus the occasion to look back on these 4 years of collaborative research and training, to evaluate the results and to discuss future common projects.

The final meeting was organised together with a Lecture Series on "Progress in simulation, control and reduction of ventilation noise" which constituted the closing dissemination activity of FlowAirS.

Mon. 16th to Wed. 18th Nov.: Lecture Series
Thu. 19th and Fri. 20th Nov.: FlowAirS final meeting

Workshop on "Psycho-acoustics", Eindhoven, May/June 2015

FlowAirS last Workshop, on "Psycho-acoustics", took place in Eindhoven, organised by TU/e. The Workshop was preceded by a course on Entrepreneurship.

Thu. 28th and Fri. 29th May: Course on entrepreneurship for the fellows
Mon. 1st to Wed. 3rd June: Euronoise 2015 in Maastricht
Thu. 4th June: FlowAirS progress meeting
Fri. 5th and Sat. 6th June: Workshop on "Psycho-acoustics"

Workshop on "Passive Noise Control", Cairo, December 2014

FlowAirS Workshop on "Passive Noise Control" took place from 2nd to 4th December 2014 in Cairo, organised by ASU. The Workshop was preceded by a Progress meeting gathering the project partners.

Workshop on "System identification and network modelling", Munich, May 2014

FlowAirS Workshop on "System identification and network modelling", organised by TUM, took place in Munich from 12th to 15th May 2014 and was followed by a Progress meeting gathering all the partners and fellows.

All FlowAirS Workshops are open to public.

Mid-Term Review meeting and Workshop on "Rotating machines", Stockholm, November 2013

Two years after the launch of the project, the FlowAirS consortium organised a Mid-Term Review meeting gathering all the partners and fellows as well as the Research Executive Agency representatives. This meeting aimed at discussing the project's achievements and the upcoming work program, both from a scientific and a networking perspective.

The Mid-Term Review meeting was held in Stockholm, hosted by KTH, on 11th and 12th November 2013 (program).


















 Following this important meeting, FlowAirS' first Workshop on "Rotating machines" took place from 13th to 15th November 2013 (program).


Training on "Modeling, measurement and control of ventilation and cooling fan noise", Sint-Genesius-Rode, April 2013

The 4th training session on "Modeling, measurement and control of ventilation and cooling fan noise" was organised by VKI together with the European project ECOQUEST in the context of the VKI Lecture Series. This course, open to public audience, contributed at fostering the early networking of FlowAirS fellows within the international community active in the field.

Training on "LES", Munich, July 2013

Our partner TUM organised in Munich the training session 3 on "Large Eddy Simulation (LES)".

The compressible LES can be used to resolve simultaneously the hydrodynamic and acoustic fields. Incompressible LES flow simulations can be used to obtain a description of compact acoustical sources in fan noise, self-sustained oscillations and boundary layers noise. This basic course was associated to hand-on training on an Open Source LES code.

EAA Winter School session on "Introduction to aero-acoustics", Merano, March 2013

Training on "vibro-acoustics", Leuven, January 2013


LMS organsed in Leuven the second training session destined to FlowAirS fellows, on "vibro-acoustics and use of LMS software".

This course provided the fellows with both a theoretical basis and a dedicated software training, covering topics from physical acoustics to coupled structure-acoustic modelling (including aero-acoustics), and technologies such as Finite Elements and Boundary Elements.

First Progress meeting and Training: "Introduction to acoustics and vibrations", Le Mans, October 2012

Progress meetings are the occasion for the partners and fellows to sit together and discuss the overall progress of the project and plan the upcoming steps. The fellows are also asked to give a short presentation of their research topic.

FlowAirS Kick-off meeting, Le Mans, January 2012



FlowAirS Kick-off meeting took place in Le Mans at the Laboratoire d'Acoustique de l'Université du Maine.

All the partners were represented.

Minutes and presentations of the partners are available in the restricted access area.

ITN Coordinators' meeting in Brussels


We attended the ITN Coordinators' meeting in Brussels, organised by the European Commission, Research Executive Agency.

The meeting was addressed to the coordinators / scientists in charge of the FP7 Marie Curie projects to discuss the requirements of the MC ITN grant agreements as well as the best practice for successful project implementation (ITN general requirements, rules for recruitment, training, transfer of knowledge, dissemination of results, financial and budgetary aspects).

Reports of the briefings are available here.