Cecilia Sebastiani


Müller-BBM GmbH
Robert-Koch-Straße 11
82152 Planegg Germany


email: Cecilia.Sebastiani@ (Cecilia.Sebastiani @ MuellerBBM.de)

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Cecilia Sebastiani

ESR 13 Cecilia Sebastiani joined the FlowAirS project in May 2012. She performed her research on "Aeroacoustics of noise reducing devices for power plant applications" under the supervision of Dr. Carl-Christian Hantschk (Müller-BBM) and Prof. Hans-Jakob Kaltenbach (TUM).

At Müller-BBM, Cecilia Sebastiani was investigating experimentally the mechanism of sound generation in silencers for power generation systems and works on the improvement of methods for silencer performance prediction. 


Contact: Cecilia.Sebastiani@MuellerBBM.de


C. Sebastiani, C.-C. Hantschk, and H.-J. Kaltenbach, “Experimental Investigation on Acoustic Effects of Geometrical Modifications of Splitter Attenuators for Power Generation Systems,” in Proceedings of Euronoise 2015, Maastricht, The Netherlands, 2015.