Francesco Sanna

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Contact Info

Francesco Sanna


Dept. of Fluid Dynamics

Stieltjesweg 1

2628 CK Delft

The Netherlands


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+31 (0)888661872

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Where is Francesco?

Where is Francesco?

From 11th to 15th November:

KTH Stockholm

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Francesco Sanna


Francesco Sanna was born in Sassari (Sardinia) in 1987. In 2006 he finished high school (classic studies) and started a bachelor degree at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering of the University of Pisa. He awarded the bachelor degree in Dec. 2009. After having studied general subjects, Francesco, in 2009, decided to hold his studies on taking the Master Degree in Aerospace Engineering with specialization in Fluid dynamics. During the Master years, Francesco went to the San Diego State University in California for an exchange and did a 6 months internship at the Institut Jean le Rond d'Alembert at the University Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI) for an international collaboration between Professor Maria Vittoria Salvetti and Professor Pierre Sagaut. He then awarded the Master Degree in Apr. 2012.

The ambition of acquiring international competences guided Francesco to carry an international career out. For this reason, Francesco decided to move to The Netherlands. Here, Francesco works for the Department of Fluid dynamics of the Dutch Organization for Applied Scientific Research TNO, located in Delft. For this position, Francesco won a Marie Curie Grant and he is then not only an employee of TNO, but also a PhD student of the Université du Maine involved in the European Project FlowAirS, a project based on the collaboration of 13 PhDs and 4 PostDoc from Universities or Partners. His supervisors are Dr. Joachim Golliard (TNO) and Yves Aurégan (Université du Maine).


Papers and conference proceedings

F. Sanna, J. Golliard, and S. Belfroid, “On the effect of water film on flow-induced pulsations in closed side branches in tandem configuration,” in Proceedings of the ASME 2015 Pressure Vessels & Piping Division Conference, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A., 2015.

F. Sanna and J. Golliard, “Flow-Induced Pulsations in Closed Side Branches With Wet Gas,” in Proceedings of the ASME 2014 Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference, vol. 4: Fluid-Structure Interaction, Anaheim, California, U.S.A., 2014.

F. Sanna and J. Golliard, “Effect of water-droplets on flow-induced pulsations in pipe with two closed-side branches: an experimental study,” in Proceedings of the 20th AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference, Atlanta, U.S.A., 2014.

Activities 2012-2015

- Introduction to vibrations and acoustics I and II, Propagation in porous materials, Propagation in ducts. Université du Maine, 22-26 October 2012 (1st Training Course)

- Workshop/Training Course 'Pulsation, Vibration and Noise Control in Process Installations'. Delft, 5-7 November 2012 (Workshop)

- Talent Development Program : Use of the creativity and BrainStorming. Delft, 6 December 2012 (TDP 1)

- LMS Virtual.Lab Acoustics training. LMS (Leuven), 15-18 January 2013 (2nd Training Course)

- Introduction, Measurement Methods, Whistling Phenomenon, Noise from turbulence, Jet noise and rotating Machines, AIA-DAGA. Merano, 18-21 March 2013 (3rd Training Course/Exam)

- Talent Development Program : Networking. Noordwijkerhout, 25-26 March 2013 (TDP 2)

- Modeling, Measurement and Control of Ventilation and cooling fan noise. Von Karman Institute, 22-23 April 2013 (Lecture Series)

- Workshop/Training Course ECOQUEST. Von Karman Institute, 24th April 2013 (Workshop/Training Course)

- Marie Curie summer workshop on Entrepreneurial skills. KU Leuven, 14-15 May 2013 (4th Training Course)

- Talent Development Program : Personal Effectiveness. Zeist, 10-11 June 2013, 10-11 July 2013 (TDP 3)

- Short Course on LES. TUM, Munich, 24-26 July 2013 (5th Training Course)

- Signal Analysis. KTH Stockholm (Graduate School for Combustion Engineering) - 5 ECTS, 24-25 June 2013, 02-03 September 2013 (6th Training Course/Exam)

- Talent Development Program : Customer Focus. Den Haag, 13 September 2013 (TDP 4)

- Talent Development Program : IPMA StiP Training. Zoetermeer, 02 October 2013 (TDP 5)

- Rotating machines training. KTH Stockholm, 13-15 Nov 2013 (7th Training Course)

- Talent Development Program : Professional Integrity. Nyenrode Business Universiteit, 02 December 2013 (TDP 6)

- System identification and network modelling. TUM, Munich, 12-14 May 2014 (8th Training Course)

- EFRC Student Workshop 2014. Wien, 10-13 June 2014 (9th Training Course)

- International Workshop on Acoustics and Vibration in Egypt (IWAVE 2014). ASU-GARDS University, Cairo, 29-30 - November 2014 (10th Training Course)

- Passive Noise Control. ASU-GARDS University, Cairo, 02-05 December 2014 (11th Training Course)

- Public Speaking Program - 5 Sessions. Erasmus University (Organized by United Netherlands), Rotterdam. April-May 2015. (12th Training Course)

- Course on Entrepreneurship. Technical University of Eindhoven TU/e, Eindhoven, 28-29 May 2015.(13th Training Course)

- Course on Psychoacoustics. Technical University of Eindhoven TU/e, Eindhoven, 4-5 June 2015.(14th Training Course)