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FlowAirS : a European research & training network

There is a real need for a European-wide training in the study of the generation, propagation and reduction of sound in flow ducts for transport, buildings and power generation.

FlowAirS general objective is to train through research a new generation of young researchers with multi-disciplinary skills, to make their research careers more attractive and enhance their career opportunities.

FlowAirS project will bring to European citizens innovative solutions to reduce the noise pollution which is one of the key solutions for enhancing people quality of life and health in the European Union.

To achieve this goal, a partnership has been established between

  • six academic research centres of excellence;
  • six industrial world leaders in their respective sectors;
  • one innovative SME;
  • three private research institutes.

The collaboration between academia and private sector representatives is a key element of the FlowAirS training programme.

Research activities are divided in three main fields:

  • the study of noise production mechanisms & noise propagation;
  • the development of innovative noise reduction techniques;
  • the improvement of prediction methodologies.

Training activities are organized along three main axes:

  • training through research;
  • formal training giving all the important skills needed by researchers in the field of sound in flow duct systems;
  • training through practical experience on industrial sites.

By participating to FlowAirS young researchers will gain a multi-disciplinary and appropriate background in generation, propagation and reduction of sound in flow ducts.

13 Early Stage researchers and 4 post-doctoral fellows are involved in the project.